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    No I’m Not Dead, I Just Suck at Time Management.

    I’m not dead, even though the last time I posted was over a month ago. OVER a month ago! Yeesh. You know when you want to call someone, but you haven’t called them in so long that you start analyzing everything you are going to say to them when you finally talk? And then you do that for so long that it makes the time since the last time you called that much longer to the point where you feel like you can’t call? Well, that’s what I was stuck in. I hadn’t blogged for so long, that all I was doing was thinking about what I wanted to blog about, so…

  • Is Blogging Dead?

    Is Blogging Dead?

    I started blogging when I was pregnant with my son, over six years ago. When I started, blogs were all the rage, especially mommy blogs. But something has changed, especially since I’ve been out of the game for two and a half years. Things…feel different. It makes me wonder, is blogging dead? Why Blogging Feels Dead Sponsored Content First and foremost, almost every blog post I read is sponsored. Just today, I read a recipe sponsored by a date company, another by a nut company, and three others sponsored by the writers own ‘life-changing program.’ And I get it, I used to make money blogging, writing sponsored posts, and working…

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    Twitter, Instagram, Three Hours of Sleep, and Adam Driver

    According to my FitBit and the bags under my eyes, I only got three hours of sleep last night. And that is because I went to sleep at 4:51am, which is six hours after my bedtime. I blame it all on Adam Driver.  The Lead Brownie Why did I go to bed so late, you ask? Well, I intended to go to sleep at my usual time, maybe a little later. I had a midnight deadline for work that I had to rush to meet because I procrastinated, searching for vegan brownie recipes. Don’t fret y’all, I found one that was phenomenal. BUT it was too much of a good thing and…