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Fall Sweet Progress Swap Box Has Arrived!

Have you ever heard of the Fall Sweet Progress Swap Box?

This year it has occurred to me that I am in love with subscription boxes! I currently participate in Ipsy Glam Bag and Birchbox, which has really shown me that I have been buying crappy makeup all my life, and good makeup makes all the difference! Also, it is such a treat to get a surprise in the mail every month.

This month I decided to join the box swap of one of my favorite sites: Happy, Pretty, Sweet. And it was just as fun as I had hoped. I loved shopping for this box, and I love receiving this box! To see what I sent my partner Carissa, check out her blog here: Green Eyed Lady Blog.

Fall Sweet Progress Swap Box

Carissa must have read my mind when she bought everything for this box, because it was full of things I absolutely love!

Here’s what was inside my Fall Sweet Progress Swap Box:

Pumpkin Pie Spice and Sour Apple Gum
Holy moly, the pumpkin pie spice gum tastes just like pumpkin pie with with whipped cream, no joke, it is my new favorite thing!

Sour Caramel Apple and Moscow Mule Gummy Bears
How did Carissa know that Moscow Mule is my drink of choice! That’s some spooky stuff…

Binder Clips
These are perfect for my new Bujo obsession! I almost bought these for Carissa!

A pumpkin notepad and pen
This is super cute, I literally opened it immediately to write a note and then my daughter stole it.

Sugar and Spice Candle
I love the smell of this candle, and it’s the perfect size for my bedroom table. It’s not too fragrant where it knocks you out, and it’s just enough to make the room smell wonderful!

Water Bottle
I wish I had a better picture of all of this stuff, but I was so excited when I got it, and my daughter was pawing at it. This water bottle says “Sip, Sparkle, Repeat” how cute is that?!

Pumpkin Bread
I’m making this for Thanksgiving. I make my own pumpkin bread, but for Thanksgiving, I like to have easy go-to’s, so I’m not making everything from scratch.

Ghiradelli Caramel Chocolates
Yeah, these chocolates lasted about two minutes in my house, they were delicious.

All in all, this was a super fun, super yummy experience! I’m so glad I got a chance to participate and find a new blogger in Carissa! Now I’m on the hunt for my next swap. Any suggestions?

Do you participate in any box subscriptions or swaps? Leave a link in the comments!

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