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Deleting Social Media Accounts is Akin to Cutting Your Own Hair – Both of Which I’m Awesome At

So, I deleted my Instagram account. Yup, all 150 followers, gone. Along with all of those pictures, hashtags, and likes. Honestly, when I hit that delete button, I literally let out a sigh a relief. The sigh of relief that comes with deleting social media accounts, is the same as the one that comes with […]

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Coffee and Cake Catch Up: The Seattle Edition

When I was younger, I went with my mom everywhere. We used to visit my grandfather, we’d go to her bookkeeping job, and we’d go shopping. And we talked a lot too. Something that always sticks in my mind, from those day, is the way she’d “cup of coffee” which sounded a lot more like […]

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No I’m Not Dead, I Just Suck at Time Management.

I’m not dead, even though the last time I posted was over a month ago. OVER a month ago! Yeesh. You know when you want to call someone, but you haven’t called them in so long that you start analyzing everything you are going to say to them when you finally talk? And then you […]


Is Blogging Dead?

Is Blogging Dead?

I started blogging when I was pregnant with my son, over six years ago. When I started, blogs were all the rage, especially mommy blogs. But something has changed, especially since I’ve been out of the game for two and a half years. Things…feel different. It makes me wonder, is blogging dead? Why Blogging Feels […]


Hey, Scallywags, it’s Time to Be Awesome!

Hey, Scallywags, it's Time to Be Awesome!

We rented My Little Pony: The Movie recently and, although I appreciate the use of the colon in the title, I can’t say I loved the movie. I can however say that the music in this movie was pretty great. Even though I’ve heard these songs about a million times now, I still like them. […]

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Vegan Nacho Cheese, or as Eric Likes to Call it: Dorito Dip

What do you call a nosy pepper? Jalapeno business! That joke literally makes me laugh every time. Anyhoo, I’ve recently dipped back into veganism, after getting some serious vegan eats in Texas two weeks ago, and one of the hardest things about veganism is the lack of cheese. Or at least it used to be! […]

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The Weekly Skinny: Episode 4

Happy Sunday and welcome to The Weekly Skinny: Episode 4! This week was an exciting one for me; I met my posting goal of three posts per week (one on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday). In case you missed it, this week I wrote about: My Vegan Eats in Texas, Talking dirty with a rental car, […]

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Twitter, Instagram, Three Hours of Sleep, and Adam Driver

According to my FitBit and the bags under my eyes, I only got three hours of sleep last night. And that is because I went to sleep at 4:51am, which is six hours after my bedtime. I blame it all on Adam Driver.  The Lead Brownie Why did I go to bed so late, you […]

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Talk Dirty to Me…No Wait, Don’t!

One of my favorite things about traveling for work is being able to rent fancy cars that have way more features than my base model car has. And by fancy, I mean Kia’s and Hyundai’s, not real people fancy. Also fancy in the sense that I can ask it to talk dirty to me. On […]

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Vegan Eats in Texas (+Bonus Rant – I Swear, if You Say Protein One More Time…!)

All my exes live in Texas! Well, not really any of them…that I know of. Also, last week was my first time in Texas! My coworker joked that I wouldn’t be able to find anything vegetarian there, and he was waaaaaay off. Then I got reprimanded by a Facebook friend for saying that I surprisingly […]