• Is Blogging Dead?

    Is Blogging Dead?

    I started blogging when I was pregnant with my son, over six years ago. When I started, blogs were all the rage, especially mommy blogs. But something has changed, especially since I’ve been out of the game for two and a half years. Things…feel different. It makes me wonder, is blogging dead? Why Blogging Feels Dead Sponsored Content First and foremost, almost every blog post I read is sponsored. Just today, I read a recipe sponsored by a date company, another by a nut company, and three others sponsored by the writers own ‘life-changing program.’ And I get it, I used to make money blogging, writing sponsored posts, and working…

  • How Am I Not Myself,  Self-Care

    I Am Not a Mommy Blogger, and This is Why

    Did you notice the blog name change? This site used to be called Momma Bear Life (I’m still cleaning that up, so you may still see the name floating around), but I didn’t feel like the name really represented what I am here to write about. I used to be a mommy blogger. Now with my blog name change I can officially say now that I no longer am, and this is why. I feel like we really started hearing about mommy bloggers back in 2010 and  2011. Maybe it was earlier than that, or maybe that was just when I started hearing about them. I started reading blogs when I was…