The Weekly Skinny

The Weekly Skinny: Episode 4

Happy Sunday and welcome to The Weekly Skinny: Episode 4! This week was an exciting one for me; I met my posting goal of three posts per week (one on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday). In case you missed it, this week I wrote about:

Also Jenny Lawson followed me on Twitter! And yes, I’ve been checking every day to see if she still follows me, and as of today she does. She is one of my online icons, and she writes some really important things about depression and mental health.

Here are some things that I loved from around the web this week (full disclosure, I was a bit brownie obsessed):

The Weekly Skinny: Episode 4

Plan With Me: February Monthly Calendar Doodles (+Video)
// Chocolate Musings

How-to Series: Monthly Logs [Mix & Match to Freshen Your Look]
// As  A Rye

Creating Idiotic Canva and Pic Monkey Graphics Is Why I’ll Never Get a Million Followers
// A Grace Full Life

This Video Proves We All Share the Exact Same Travel Photos on Instagram
// Sploid

Printable Greeting Cards Inspired by Gilmore Girls
// Sash + Jayd

10 more ways to speak my love language
// Life According to Steph

Reasons Why Your Child Should Eat Ginger
// Fab Working Mom Life

Don’t You Forget About Me- Scene Ten “They Can’t Kill All of Us. Some of Us Maybe”
// A Grace Full Life

Two Tricks To Becoming A Better Writer
// The Everywhereist

Safety Posters
//These are awesome, especially if you are someone who works in the safety field

Instagram Spotlight: Lettering Goals

A post shared by AllWriteByMe (@allwritebyme) on

Looking to learn a new skill this year? These affordable e-learning programs have you covered
// CNN

The 50 Best Self-Help Books of All-Time
// Best Counseling Schools

The Weekly Skinny: Episode 4

1 Minute Microwave Mug Brownie (Microwave Mug Meals)
// Bigger Bolder Baking Blog – if you are eating this yourself, I would suggest halving the recipe, and only using 1 tbsp of oil instead of 1.5, I tried it that way last night and it was fantastic

Last-Minute Love Notes
// Bittersweet – Recipe for hash brown waffles

Fudgy Two Minute Mug Brownie
// Running With Spoons

No-Bake Mini Blueberry Cheesecakes
// Feasting on Fruit

A Flurry of Inspiration
// Bittersweet

Made From Scratch Eggless Brownies
// Little House Living

Double Chocolate and Espresso Cookies
// Food Network – I made this for Christmas and they were amazing. They are on my list of things to try to veganize. If I can create a vegan version of these that are chewy and decadent as the originals, I might be granted vegan sainthood.

3 Ingredient Paleo Vegan Peppermint Patties (Keto, Sugar Free)
// The Big Man’s World

Fluffy Flourless Banana Smoothie Pancakes (Vegan, Gluten Free, Sugar Free)
// The Big Man’s World

Apple Cake With Maple Sauce
// The Misfit Baker

Humbeleivable Dessert Hummus

Vegan Mushroom Rolls
// Jamie Oliver

How to Make a Super Fancy Vegan Cheese Board
// The Green Plate

Vegan Aged Camembert Cheese
// Full of Plants

Enjoy, and I’ll see you back here on Monday!

How’s your weekend treating you so far?

If we haven’t already connected, leave me a comment with your social media/blog info, and let’s get that ish going!


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