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Twitter, Instagram, Three Hours of Sleep, and Adam Driver

According to my FitBit and the bags under my eyes, I only got three hours of sleep last night. And that is because I went to sleep at 4:51am, which is six hours after my bedtime. I blame it all on Adam Driver. 

Twitter, Instagram, Three Hours of Sleep, and Adam DriverThe Lead Brownie

Why did I go to bed so late, you ask? Well, I intended to go to sleep at my usual time, maybe a little later. I had a midnight deadline for work that I had to rush to meet because I procrastinated, searching for vegan brownie recipes. Don’t fret y’all, I found one that was phenomenal. BUT it was too much of a good thing and it sat in my gut like a rock, making laying down next to impossible.

Instagram and Twitter

Not being able to lay down I, of course, posted a picture of my delectable, yet incapacitating, treat on Instagram and instantly saw some awesome attention. Cool, feeling jazzed!

At this point, I’m buzzing from the Insta post and I already have two major strikes against me and my desire to get a healthy amount of sleep: my work deadline, and a lead brownie in my gut. So I snuggled up on the couch with one of my puppies and checked my Twitter. Whaaaat?! The Bloggess followed me. Best selling author, Jenny Lawson, followed me on Twitter!


Twitter, Instagram, Three Hours of Sleep, and Adam Driver

Sleep deprivation – 3
Ani – 0

Well, there was really no way I falling asleep after that bombshell so I checked back on Instagram, and are you freakin kidding me? I hit 100 followers!

Sleep depravation: 4
Ani: 0

Adam Driver

My happy dance went from mild to wild, and I didn’t know what to do with myself. I tried to lay down again, and my mind was running a mile a minute. I put on HBO’s Girls in the background, and decided I would just watch that, try to quiet my mind, and see if I could fall asleep. And then I started thinking about how I wanted to do an art project with Adam Driver. Well, not with him but inspired by him.

//Who am I kidding, I would absolutely love to do an art project with Adam Driver!

I took a picture from the episode I was watching and got to work. Two hours later, it was 4:30am and my project was done. I was finally ready to fall asleep. Three hours later I was up again, writing a report and jumping on a conference call.

In Summary

On the downside, I only got three hours of sleep.

On the upside, I ate an amazing vegan brownie, got followed by Jenny Lawson on Twitter, reached over 100 followers on Instagram, and made some pretty sweet art featuring Adam Driver.

Twitter, Instagram, Three Hours of Sleep, and Adam Driver

I consider this a serious win. After all, I can go to sleep early tonight, unless Geraldine DeRuiter and Rand Fishkin decide follow me on Twitter and I hit 200 Instagram followers*.

Does this happen to you? Do you get caught up with art projects, blogging milestones, and ill-planned brownies that keep you from sleep?

*full disclosure, sleep is overrated, I’ll take the follows, likes, Tweets, comments, and art projects any day of the week. Also Geraldine and Rand, if you do decide to follow me, do it during the day. And hey, Adam Driver if you ever get a Twitter account, you can follow me any time.


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